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of the united states of america. and the pursuit of peace between israel. and the palestinians. this is a long overdue s stp to advance the peace process and work towards a lasting agreement. well it said go to washington now our correspondent philip crown the is that anticipated and. don't so basically saying i he's recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel should be down as. up at yet he remains committed to add to the peace process. yeah do those two things really go together most. leaders in the middle east would say no absolutely not and. certainly the palestinians would say and indeed have said in their leadership has said that's those to really do not go together the status of jerusalem is very much a part of the middle
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east. peace process negotiations because so what we have on on one side is the u. s. president making this very controversial announcement and signing a very very controversial declaration a proclamation rather saying that the. the jerusalem from now on will be recognized by the u. s. government as the capital of israel at the same time the u. s. president shows this optimism that senior administration officials had already told us about. over the last few days they had told us that this president sees a positive peace an actual peace deal within reach on that he is optimistic a when it comes to those negotiations. but of course goes completely contrary to the view of almost every single experts on the matter and every single middle east leader
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other than the israeli prime minister. benjamin netanyahu the other council members will move of course is the fact that the state department has now says that it is already starting the planning process. to put in place a new u. s. duration g received bodies around the world is as you just mentioned i don't act of from my arab states course in particular apple what about in the united states how will. this declaration is movie scene that. when we see it is all true controversial by of the u. s. congress. interestingly enough is the u. s. congress that mandates that the u. s. president has to sign a waiver every six months. four the u. s. embassy knots to be moved to jerusalem that has a law that this administration would like to change there is support for
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this move by the u. s. president. from republican certainly but from democrats as well indeed. presidential candidates have promised the very same thing on the campaign trail over the last few decades and when you listen to the statement from the us president. of course the foreign policy is important but when you look at the motivations as to where this came from there is one line only it is this one the u. s. president saying. i am delivering he believes that he is at keeping a campaign promise see promise that he would make jererusalem or otherer recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and would move. the u. s. embassy that now the people who will be pleased with this announcement several members and of congress are not of donald trump voters who believe that he is keeping his promiseses. the evangelical christian rights
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as well. who believe that this is the right move and otherwise well not many other people and that includes quite a few members of the donald trump administration? officially you're hearing from the secretary state rex tillerson for example that he believes this is a brave move by the u. s. president. but i can tell you that quite a few. career diplomats in the state department would say e scolded a courageous and just decision but palestinian leaders say the move destroys the two state solution with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas accusing trum. of coming down firmly on israel's side in the conflict let's take a listen to the two of them advised seeking out is today. this is a historic day.
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were profoundly grateful for the president for his courageous and just decisio. to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and to prepare for the opening of the u. s. embassy here. their recognition of jerusalem as the capital is rejected by the arab world. i'm goes against all the efforts to foster peace on is nothing less than a declaration that the united states it's withdrawing from the role is played in. this process the decades. let's g go to the city the heart of all of they says jerusalem where our correspondent says heiress macca. is anzac areas so as you might expect to very different reactions from the official leaders in israel and sat on the students. yes bad welcome mat from the israeli prime it is still was hot fills wasn't says. he said that his nation has been waiting for this for seveventeen is. and you heard that full
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some gracious years andnd is almost a mirror image but the other way the betrarayal i'm on. in the voice and in the face of mahmoud abbas the palestinian president he said before is he said that he wants that prime minister the story american president that he would no longer be at. and at trusted to be a broker in this situation and you could see that to in his face and in his voice. but when he was saying we don't needd a unilateteral decision to take out capitol from us. now you could players you could say that it it isn't eieither as goodod as the isisraeli. prime this things are as bad as the palestinian president thinks abe was wiggle room that that was a refeference from donald trump. to and recognizing j jerusalem as israel's capital but that they will be a negotiation and that it might not be he the same. in the same arrangements when i finally negotiate between the two parties themselves so that
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was we will room that you could say. joey from the israelis and rainy misery from the palestinians on the fan out because there is is that this world i've next right on the streets it wasn't so long ago we saw a very angry protests in jerusalem israel up it's a metal detectors. adversity aqsa mosque am i guess that is the immediate immediate fair for a lot of people right now. it is here. it's interesting i've been talking to palestinians and just two other journalist so no one can no one has a feeling now feels able to predict where this will go will it goes of that kind of. tension that we saw that really will it goes where it was. at that time with those. with through good holy sites or will it be something race because we don't know if there's the same feeling for this symbolic decision of the united states that there was. when it was really the al aqsa mosque when they really felt a mosque was under threat so we have to
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wait for the next f few days and particularly after this friday prayers. to see what comes laura is a very much indeed s. matter that reporting. from jerusalem and. more internationonal reactn is coming in and arab countries overreacting about they said let us criticized the decision has has turkey. are as has syria and weston. nations rules so you said he in the european union says it is seriously concerned to have by what is happening and dead the british government. says it disagrees with what it calls a very on at just an unhelpful. decision by the united states or not jerusalem the french president manufacturer was one of the at first latest iraq he said earlier he. us all the decision was regrettable canada and says the status of jerusalem can only be
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resolved as part of the final. at settlements and that is a pretty similar to what the u. s. if you general is saying as well as take a quick listen to him. the moment of great anxiety i wants to make it's clear. there is no alternative to the two state solution. there is no plan b.. it is issues s resolved. permanently so little situations. that the legitimate aspirations of both peoples will be achieved. that's the yeah you exactly general at speaking a short while agogo will feel moreet home what is happening in these national. ramifications as well i'm joined by david caused by he said analyst renee paris based. is chiefly european perspective and security thank you very much indeed am survey with us out. at there is m. that at a level of interpretation about what
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donald trump is doing is and that. is he by recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel denying any palestinian same to the cit. well in the end of the day what what sharanjit. today. is. julia simply and only gesture. our legal you just mentioned the u. compact prime and. what a year the? would be him to be in court and it. that you could very complete and issue. and the issue of moral values. training. and what strikes me that when he got the frame they're interesting. the that itself up ill peace agreement between. usually will but he won't make you mentioned. in st. lucia or. use it or lose it also on that. they wanted to keep that the charles had to go and call you down the
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first. yoga thahat holy site for d yeah religion. a you mentioned pamela gang at least laura and i don't know the duration in color and she. o i don't and i local golf course. the fact . well the argument is earned by the palestinians and and by the arab countries that support them is that the united states is is basically relinquished its role as a peace broker economic might no longer be seen as an honest pacemaker in. and trying to achieve a peace deal between israel and the palestinians is is this that the death now as it's been described for the
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peace process as we know it. well on i would be skeptical because i mean. you very cautiously out le people mobile israeli will come in and out of the ballroom game that there are. only flying you know child long the other australia of the peace process. i think. you our gang because if you look at the jewish ceremony that alrigh. apple i mean. you'll very.
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so you will he get usual literature that you will be. there the issue with a question are there are credited senior us trade him because the disclosure met they very often. are back it begin trading incident. i by if lot easier out it's problematic for off the u. . and again apply. at sharm. in i of ththe jury you a or podium you i shall be by land. of even a even proliferation and then we
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have to look at the show iss abouout jerusalem. israel ad the same time also tried to reassure are you like the show ally and also putting him. thank you thank you very much to do that half of that up from at the i. p. s. e. thanks for joining us. so why is it jerusalem so sensitive well apart from being home to the holiest site in judaism the second hardest in islam and the third hardest in. yeah i see it is a because s a sacred site fuji's cracking solomon is set to have built the fast jewish temple. fat and russia's khan and pray at the western wall at the foot of the hill. it's also the third holiest sites the muslims as it houses the al aqsa mosque.
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even lost gentry the temple mount has been at the heart of israeli palestinian tensions. after the nineteen forty eight arab israeli war jerusalem was divided into two with less than half place under israeli control and east and hough including the old city under jordanian rule. but the six day war in nineteen sixty seven changed the landscape. israel sees gaza and the sinai peninsula from egypt the west bank from jordan another the heights from syria. while israel pulled out of sinai and make peace with egypt and jordan it they crown ex east jerusalem along with that of the heights. abe this never recognized by the international community. i boundaries in status of jerusalem running a major stumbling block in efforts to find a t.. state solution with palestinianss. israel calls jerusalem its eternal and undivided capital. palestinians view east jerusalem as the capital of a future state. dozens of israeli settlements in east
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jerusalem considered illegal by international community further complicates the situation. i just don't have more about that i'm joined by you'll see michael but he's headed session relations and social sciences at regis university and an associate fact acts at chathamam house thank you very much indeeeed for joing us and we've seen at. here is reaction now from across the arab world we've seen and considered in criticism from from westernn countries. as well and. what is struck down here as he finished off the prospect of any kind of the still between israel and the palestinians? well enough and she didn't have. especially fallen of many slash longer salons now claim that he's about to introduce a new initiatives obese he purchases then buried therere. although alo this even to follolow begans science briefly israelis
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when it comes to jerusalem while it's obvious well everyone that any. peace agreement between the israelis and palestinians. which which is our world was you successful as to include jerusalem as the capital both israel and palestine so you did how full freeze bots being nice the palestinian what they see as if it her claim and. with this littlee data bill clinton signed back in nineteen ninety five which requires a u. s. presidents every few months decide a way to say it will not leave the. us embassy to jerusalem at trump's argument is that this is an absurd that jerusalem is already functioning as the capital of israel and it makes no sense. for the
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united states not to recognize it what do you make of that argument. well it's also the eu single series of governing the united states and our relations when it comes to foreign policy majoring congress and because you then. yes it's not so it's not so actually this additional job was number. relations between islam because most recent hasn't and wish you five years also to also ignorance box. they did it because it was obvious that this is such an incendiary uses social. situation and geese honking time in any point in time in the last three years does something abuse anyone underlying. a peaceful losses being mike ends in a
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situation which underlines also other governments in in the region under winds are milliken interest and as a result what is that trump it doing this. after his domestic audience to please his own base. should to please down as it to james resist welcome pai. and the other is that he does warm so you get what is called the ultimate deal of a peace deal between israel and palestinians. and this is all part of ahead behind the scenes and goes haitians between israel the united states and saudi arabia. other trump is going to come up with some kind of as. proposal for peace still further down the road what what do you say to that. i think we all signs of doing the last ten months througugh the throng o of ms statation something we shoud
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all be. doesn't exist we are trying to touch us you knoww if you're watching alex he's is is is not there because he's is dececions. will be so illogical. our reasoning seats so small that you don't understand it but maybe the same becauause its just not. any sort of social policy there are no comprehensive regime within the administration that's why many of these policies like that has all that often back and in the so going cold and then say and then come back and that some this
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hour and french president cyanoacrylate has. been visiting algeria in a bid to boost security and economic cooperation france ruled algeria as a colonial powerr for a. one hundred year is during his election campaign michael said france has committed crimes against humanity during that era today he said he was hopopig to reshape what he described as a troubled relationship. i've come to open new page and special you move into your algerian generation. see in france differently who our hunundred muscles as he the promises of their own country. on a handle conqueror future that's not all roses. we have challenges we know. that at times are complex parts that can be overcome. and france and algeria do you have a long and complicated history back from is that not by any means the first at president to try and. make that relationship better madonna abbas has the story.
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mocha the pivotal moments in history. in two thousand and three french president jacques chirac was welcomes algeria for the first time since since independence. for owners of the state is it. is an idea he had pushed this and the nasty now in power is to officially recognize algeria's struggle for. war. visit. algeria. the whales. celebrations around she writes trip posted in a major reconciliation for the checkered history of this since. eight years of a bloody war and is in nineteen sixty three. a peace accord was reached driving out hundred and thirty two years of french rule. which remains a source of tension in two thousand and five the french parliament posted all requiring schools to teach quote the positive effects of colonial rulule. of the following year it was repealed by president chirac following accusations of historical revisionism five
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years later algerian mps put forward a bill to crcriminalize cocolonialism. both are good well we should have had little problem. with thihis l law wee ask fs to recognize all of the crimes againinst humanityy t commmmences as you officialy apologize too the a algerian people semily sharma deserted. the bill never became law but many algerians are still seeking an apology. when nicholas sarkozy visited the country during his presidency in two thousand and seven he conceded that the colonial system was profoundly y on justst. in twenty twelve focus the success of alslso on hold acknowledge the brutality of french rule will that he to stop short of an official apology. or great easy i recognize here the suffering that colonization has inflicted on the algerian people are. here you know the massacres of said chief gelman anchor after. we have a duty to the truth. lebanon
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violence oil injustice. massacreres and t torture. should adopt your. in february two thousand and seventeen while on his presidential campaign trail emmanuelot cruel and it the french right by making this statement on n a visito algeria. record this group is asian is about of french history and it's a crime is a crime against humanity it's barbaric. since then my call to has shown that he has no intention of dwelling on the past. on a recent visit to patina fast though and other west african nations he said the majority of the continent's young population had not experienced colonization. and that there was no better time to look to the relationships of equal partners to be forged with the future. in good. french tv and radio stations have been playing nonstop tributes to french rocker johnny hallyday this wednesday he died outsidede images seventy for a very long. iggy unknown outside french speaking countries had a day
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none the less sold one hundred million recalls he was known as the french ounces elvis presley. and have it on the cover of parametrically no less than eighty times it second it back now at the fifteen year career of johnny hallyday. prince saying that he'd be alright codes and was undoubtedly the face of french chocolate sugar vote. nineteen sixty one the religion french rock and roll its leader johnny halliday and the single never lost his faith. as a seven seed have. one. state. years as consoled himself and his music. we
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